The following are heartfelt testimonials by patients that felt moved to share their experiences. At Reno Integrative Medical Center we form a strong relationship with our patients and celebrate their successes as if they were family.

Testimony: John S., Vietnam Vet Prostate Cancer

In Nov. of 2002 I had a biopsy to determine the extent of the Cancer in my prostate. The results showed 10 of the 12 samples had high levels of Cancer with Gleason grades of 6 or 7.

I was counseled by my doctors, that with that level of Cancer and the high Gleason grades, my prognosis was poor. I was advised that even with surgery and radiation I would need a miracle to survive. I was told I probably had 3 to 4 years before the end.

Needless to say, I went and got a second and 3 rd opinion which confirmed the original opinion. Fortunately after resigning myself to my inevitable fate, I was fortunate   to hear about Reno Integrative Medical Center.

With nothing to lose, I scheduled an appointment. After consultation I was put on an immune boosting protocol to fight my cancer. After a year and a half my cancerous tumor started shrinking and today almost 4 years from my original diagnosis

I am healthy and happy with no symptoms of the disease. I continue to take my supplements and can only thank the wonderful caring staff at the clinic. The staff is always pleasant and takes care of my needs, whether it is on one of my 6 month visits or just quickly getting my supplements sent to me in a day or so. I contracted my Cancer from a tour in Vietnam and from Agent Orange.

I have lost 7 other Platoon mates from Agent Orange Cancers, and only wish my disease would have attacked me sooner so that I might have been in a position to talk to them about Reno Integrative Medical Center. Unfortunately, all of them had passed away before I knew about my illness or alternative treatments available.

Much thanks to Reno Integrative Medical Center and their wonderful staff.

 It has come to my attention, after reading some blogs,  that there are a few people attacking the credibility of Reno Integrative Medical Center, which I feel are unjust.  We have all been led to believe that doctors in the main stream are looking out for our well being and that pharmaceutical companies are looking for cures to help mankind.  As an individual with cancer, I have found that this just isn’t true.

  On July 4th of 2012, I developed a severe pain in my right side while playing with the grandkids.  In my 60 years on this earth I worked out, ran races and watched what I ate and drank, and never had any bad habits such as smoking, drinking, or drugs. I was in good shape and full of energy.  I thought the pain was a pulled muscle, but as time went on, it got worse.  I made a doctors appointment, and after a week of tests, I was given the news that I had stage 4 Prostate Cancer, and had 3 to 6 months left to live. I had no prior symptoms.   My Gleason scale was 9.5 on all biopsies and the doctor said there is nothing we can do for you.  I asked about surgery, chemo or radiation?  He said it was too late for surgery as the cancer had metastasized into the bones, and was too extensive for chemo or radiation.  I was given a shot of female hormone which he said would take the edge off along with a jar of morphine and told to go home and get my affairs in order. I wasn’t going to take this diagnosis lying down so jumped through the hoops to get into the University of Washington for a second opinion.  They gave me even less time to live, and advised that any cancer trials would be a waste of their time. 

  I settled into the realization that the end was near and as time progressed, I lost my energy, lost weight and found myself sleeping 20 hours a day and anything physical was a chore. A friend and his wife talked to me one evening about Reno Integrative Medical Center and suggested I contact them.  His wife had breast cancer and had gone to the center and had been cancer free for over 6 years.  She too had been given a death sentence, but beat it.  I thought it can’t hurt to talk to them and got a appointment with them soon after.  I sat down with Dr. Bob who made no promises, about curing me, but felt that there was a good chance that with treatment, he could make my quality of life a little better.  We discussed the costs “UP FRONT”, so there was no surprises about that.  He indicated the costs would be about $10K per week, plus tests and medicine.  This was a lot of money, but what is your life worth?  I had insurance, but main stream said I was too far gone, and the pharmaceutical companies who fund the trials we not interested in taking a chance.  I had some monies in the bank, and after a discussion with my wife and kids, they felt I should spend it on treatment, and in fact, if I didn’t have enough, they would chip in.  (I find patents spending monies on themselves to be the biggest obstacle that they face with their families)  I made the commitment to the program and went through the boot camp.  During the boot camp, I found my energy coming back, and at the end of 3 weeks I was working out and putting weight back on. 

  I stayed on the protocol that he proscribed and 6 months later I had an appointment with my oncologist in my home town for a follow up and tests.( Bone scan , CT etc.)  The oncologist was surprised that I was alive and made comment to that effect and was dumbfounded when he looked  at my bone scan test as most of the metastasizes were healed up.  I tried to explain what kind of treatment I had gone through, but he seemed disinterested, and now wanted to have me go through mainstream treatment, and had some pharmaceuticals for me to try.  I canceled all future appointments.

  The mainstream doctors did me a favor by not treating me.  I feel that the treatments at Reno Integrative Medical work.  As I read the blogs about Reno Integrative I see most of the people exhaust mainstream first, then go to Reno Integrative grasping at straws of life. By this time their immune system is shot and any good cells have been compromised by the excessive chemo or radiation.  

This interferes with the ability to boost the immune system in my opinion.  Anyone who watches TV will see a Provenge commercial that now talks about boosting immune systems, so Dr. Bob was spot on in his treatment and years ahead. 

  I’m not a doctor, but this stuff works.  I go back to Reno Integrative about every six months for a tune up.  I stay on the protocols that he prescribed and here is the good news ” I’M STILL ALIVE”, and I have a lot of energy!  My PSA goes up and down and I still probably have cancer, but it is more of a nuisance than anything.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone, and I’m sorry for the losses of the families I read about, but I feel they are laying blame on the wrong people. The doctor and staff are top notch in my opinion and I’m scheduled for a tune-up in April.

Sincerely ,

Eddie L. Quist