T-cell immunity with Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy

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T-cell immunity with Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy

Dendritic cell vaccine therapy

Our bodies’ long term immune system consists largely of two white blood cells known as B-cells and T-cells or B and T lymphocytes.

B-cells make antibodies, which neutralize the microbes, making them harmless.
T-cells have a variety of functions, including killing infected cells and activating or recruiting other immune cells.

Once the body fends off an infecting organism, it retains some disease fighting cells that remember the original infecting microbes. These are called memory T-cells. The next time you are exposed to them, a memory cell is ready to fight that disease again. This gives your immune system a head start in combating the disease.

Previous studies have reported that 20-50% of people who hadn’t been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) showed T-cell responses against different parts of the Covid-19 virus.

T-cells could explain some puzzling anomalies in antibody testing. There have been people with confirmed infections with Covid-19 but their antibody tests come back negative. However, when their T-cells are tested they come back positive. Which means that they already have immunity to the virus.

Throughout the corona virus pandemic there have been fierce debates over the “science”- when to lock down, whether face coverings help and whether children are less susceptible.

The latest argument is over whether we have been ignoring a crucial part of our immune response to the virus…T-cell immunity!

This matters greatly because if people have more immunity to the virus than we thought, then possibly we could abandon some of the Covid-19 countermeasures up to and including the “vaccine”!

Antibodies are sometimes seen as more important because they can stop the viruses from entering the body. But once viruses make it inside, only T-cells can kill infected cells.

With antibodies and T-cells it is unclear how long the immunity will last.

It is possible that some of the 20-50% of people reacting positively to testing for T-cell immunity to corona virus are those who had previously caught milder corona viruses, such as the ones that cause common colds.

It is probable, although by no means definite, that such people would get less sick with Covid-19.

Here at Reno Integrative Medical Center we use a special process to activate the T-cells in such a way that they can more effectively fight diseases such as cancer and viral infections.

First we separate the T-cells out of some tubes of blood and then apply a specific kind of heat treatment that activates them to produce compounds called “heat shock proteins”.

Technically this is called a “Dendritic Cell Vaccine” but it only contains the patients’ own cells.

When the activated T-cells are injected back into the body they provide some very beneficial effects. These include:
An increased immune response
Reduction of free radicals
Fight infections and cancer
Protect the heart
Help prevent neurological disease

Over the past 10 years we have administered over 10,000 doses of this personalized Dendritic cell vaccine and have not had any bad reactions to it because it only contains the patients’ own cells.

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