T-cell strength is a natural Vaccine

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T-cell strength is a natural Vaccine

When someone becomes “immune” it is the T-Cells (T lymphocytes) that do the bulk of the protecting.

  • T-Cells are made in the bone marrow and migrate to the thymus gland just behind the breastbone in all of us. 
  • The thymus is very active up until about the age of 20 when its population of T-Cells starts to decrease. By age 50 our production of them is about 25% of what it was at its peak.

The T-Cells are extremely important in our defense system. 

The B-lymphocytes are cells that are responsible for building antibodies that will attack the invading organism while it is free floating in the blood.

After the organism penetrates and enters a cell, the system of T-cells is activated. 

The first step is for the “Helper” T-cells to identify the bad cells, raise the red flag and call in the “Killer” T-cells to do their job and eliminate the infected cells.

The whole process is like a dance and most people don’t realize how complex it is and how all the pieces must fit together. 

That is why simply saying “I want to strengthen my immune system” can mean so many different things.

To specifically strengthen the T-cell system we use a formula of medicinal mushrooms and beef colostrum called Transfer Factor Multi-Immune TM . I have seen this combination boost the number and activity of the T-cells.

This can be helpful for a broad range of conditions from infections to cancer. 

Why look at live blood in a microscope?

Live Blood Display

When placing a person’s blood cells on a microscope slide, they are obviously outside the body, and they immediately start to deteriorate (die). There are expected patterns of deterioration that can be interpreted to tell that person’s general level of vitality.

While the blood is still alive, the blood cells continue to act as if they are still inside the body. So, understanding their normal functions, conclusions can be drawn about whether they are performing as they should or not.

One good example is: 

The presence or absence of T-cells and macrophage cells is a clue to the overall strength of the immune system. These two specialized white blood cells can be used in immune therapies.

You can request a LIVE BLOOD DISPLAY when scheduling an in-office appointment with Dr. Eslinger. 

GcMAF as an adjunct cancer therapy

A short explanation of how GcMAF falls in to one of the main pillars of our whole treatment protocol. 

GcMAF 101 

In an effort to survive detection from the immune system and thrive, cancer cells, in their evolution, have developed the production of a protective enzyme called alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase or Nagalase for short.

The Nagalase enzyme has the ability to completely shut down the activity of the localized immune macrophage cells, whose job it is to destroy any cell that has been harmed or is not functioning normally. 

With the macrophage cells immobilized, the tumor is effectively “cloaked” from detection by the immune system. This is the reason that someone can have a strong functioning immune system and still be growing a tumor.

“How” , you ask, “Can someone get the Macraphage cells turned back on?”

Fortunately, there is GcMAF.

GcMAF, combined with Vit. D, turns the macrophage cells back on and keeps the Macrophage cell activity against the cancer cells optimal.

For more detail read: 

August Specials

Due to special request, we are offering a GcMAF special through August 31st

20% OFF


Oral (Limit 1 bottle per patient) 

Shots (Limit 8 shots per patient)

*Must be an established patient to take advantage of specials

We want to stress that GcMAF is just one cog in the wheel of treating cancer metabolically. 

  • De-cloak
  • Boost the immune system
  • Target the cancer cell
  • Modify the environment
  • Detox and Energize


Attention patients ordering GcMAF

UPS Shipping Update:

 Due to possible delays in shipping times due to COVID, during the hot summer months we will be shipping out products that require ice packs only on Mondays. GcMAF shots require overnight shipping. Please make note of this and plan your ordering to allow for this change. Thank you for your understanding.

Medical Records Evaluation Specifics:

We have found that the initial appointment with Dr. Eslinger being a Telephone Medical Records Evaluation instead of an initial in-person appointment has been the most beneficial for our new potential cancer patients for many reasons such as:

  • easing time and cost restraints,
  • the ability for the prospective patient to meet and speak with our Doctor about their diagnosis, 
  • the ability to discuss your current state of health and the treatments we offer, 
  • allows your loved ones and/or patient advocates to be with you during this phone call,
  • help to gather information towards a decision on whether this is the best treatment plan for you,

Medical Records Evaluation, 1 hour phone call for $250.00. 

A deposit of $100 will be collected when scheduled.

Balance paid day of call.

  • We ask that medical records be sent to the clinic no later than 5 business days before your appointment. 
  • We also ask that you send only recent scans, current blood tests, (within the last 3 months) 
  • The original pathology report. 
  • Please send via email or fax – no CD’s will be accepted.
  • e-mail to: office@renointegrative.com Fax: 775 829-9330

Dr. Eslinger will review your records and discuss treatment options. The information gathered will help in the decision making process. Our patient liaison will be in contact after the Medical Records Evaluation to go over costs and scheduling.

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