Testing and monitoring is a vital aspect of our total care at Reno Integrative Medical Center.  We carefully monitor our patient’s progress during their therapy. Testing is used for a variety of patient types and needs.

 Testing and Monitoring Blood Labs

Blood tests at Reno Integrative


Cancer- Nagalase,  CA 27-29, CEA, CA 15-3, CA125, IvyGene

Cancer Greek Test and chemo sensitivity

Immune Boosting- We monitor T-cell count weekly, CBC (Red and White blood counts), Metabolic panel ( kidney and liver function, elctrolytes and blood sugar).

Blood sample in test tube

Cancer profile without using radiation

Urine and Saliva Neurotransmitter Testing- This can determine adrenal and nervous system imbalances

Toxic Heavy Metal Testing  Heavy metal testing is a very valuable tool. These toxic metals can cause a myriad of chronic disease symptoms that continuously drain the body of it’s’ vital force. They are particularly hard on the nervous and immune systems. We do chelation therapy, both oral and IV.

Zyto used at Reno Integrative Medical Center


ZYTO testing- Communicating directly with the patient’s autonomic nervous system through electrical impulses. This allows us to create individualized homeopathic remedies to address the patients unique needs.

nes computer

NES Health In addition to addressing the cancer cells, Dr. Eslinger has also instituted NES scanning on all his patients.  He understands the importance that clearing energy blockages in the human body field has on the overall healing experience.

Many of our patients do not live in the Reno area. Once they have come for an initial exam with Dr. Eslinger and have returned home, we monitor their labs from afar. They have their labs drawn and results are faxed to our office. We then schedule a phone consultation with the Doctor. This can be done on a weekly basis or whenever labs are needed. We work closely with our patients in monitoring their progress. If labs are not in normal range, a plan of action is put in place between the patient and the doctor.

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