Myhusband, Roger, had throat cancer which came back twice. After 2 operations andthe traditional doctors giving up on him, I asked God to lead me to the doctorwho could help Roger.

I interviewed 4 integrative medicalclinics in the Reno area, and Reno Integrative Medical Center was the last oneI interviewed. As soon as I walked through the doors, I had a strong feelingthat this was the place God wanted us to go. The alternative methods that Dr.Bob uses has cured Roger’s throat cancer. Roger just had his throat scoped (onOctober 17, 2013) by the ENT who performed his 2 cancer surgeries, and she saideverything looked good with no sign of cancer. Two years ago she said there wasnothing more she could do, and she left us with tears running down her cheeks& indicated that Roger only had 6 months to a year to live. Roger’s firstcancer surgery was 4 years ago. Roger and I believe that God has used Dr. Bobin a miraculous way to heal Roger’s cancer. Dr. Bob keeps up on all the latestresearch on alternative cancer cures. He specializes in curing cancer. Everyonein the clinic is wonderful and makes Roger feel like he’s part of the family.We can’t say enough good things about this clinic.

Paula D.

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