Why Integrative Medicine has such a broad application

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Why Integrative Medicine has such a broad application

The first thing to understand is that oxidation (the generation of free radicals) is the front line of defense that the immune system uses to fight off all kinds of infections.

I first noticed the effects of the therapies used on patients to eliminate cancer were also helping alleviate other conditions that they were suffering from.

The initial time this happened was with a patient that had breast cancer. Her whole life she had been dealing with a herpes zoster (shingles) infection on the right side of her low back. When she received UVBI, peroxide and IV Vitamin C to treat her cancer, the herpes cleared up as well.  It never came back.

Another patient came in with a non-healing ulcer on his leg.  It had been present for over a year. He had been paralyzed from the waist down in an industrial accident.   After treating him with a few sessions of UVBI (with ozone) and high dose IV Vitamin C, the ulcer began to heal.  After 5 weekly sessions it was completely healed.

Besides producing free radicals that kill cancer cells and infections, the UVBI with ozone treatments improve circulation and oxygenation by breaking up sticky red blood cells and allowing the blood to flow more freely.

The Vitamin C is a large contributor to the development of collagen tissue which is necessary for healing tissue.

Through the years I have treated many chronic Lyme Disease patients using UVBI, IV peroxide and High Dose Vitamin C very successfully.  In severe cases we have used IV colloidal silver and/or anti-biotics to help get rid of the Lyme spirochetes.

So, by combining these Integrative Medicine tools to treat cancer we can obtain multiple disease resolutions at the same time with the same treatments. This proves to be a truly broad range approach to treating the whole person.

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