A New Technology Providing Insight

Through the Zyto technology, we are able to communicate directly with the patient’s autonomic nervous system through electrical impulses allowing us to create individualized homeopathic remedies to address the patients unique needs.

The latest research into particle physics is proving that everything in our physical world, including the matter that makes up our bodies, is composed of infinitely small particles, vibrating at infinitely high frequencies. The specific frequencies that they vibrate at have everything to do with how our senses interpret that information, and how we (our bodies) interact with it.

Technology Steps In Using ZYTO

How Zyto works

Common medical therapies (prescriptions, treatments, etc.) usually lag 20-30 years behind the cutting edge research on the true nature of reality. This includes the theories about how our bodies function and create “health” or “dis-ease.”

What if I told you that technology exists right now that has taken the pursuit of health into alignment with the latest research in particle physics and electro-acupuncture. It does!

This is based on the original work by Reinhard Voll, M.D., a German physician who, in the 1950’s, was one of the first European doctors to realize that he could combine the ancient knowledge of acupuncture meridians with the latest in electronic testing equipment.

This information was combined with facts learned from the growing science of lie detector equipment by Dr. Vaughn Cook, an Oriental Medical Doctor, to create this cutting edge technology.

It is not used to diagnose any disease. It is used to find incoherent (out of balance) responses to different digital challenges given to the body via the GSR (galvanic skin response). This is the electrical skin resistance in the palm and fingers of the hand.

Our Brain

Our conscious mind (the “thinking” part) is capable of processing about 2000 bits of information per second…pretty incredible, right. But, at this moment, your subconscious mind is handling about 400,000,000 (400 million!) bits of data per second.

This technology enables the doctor to tap into the autonomic or subconscious mechanisms to ask your body what’s going on, and make sense of it all. Yes, it can actually ask your body which supplements or medications it prefers, and which have the best chance of helping it heal before you take anything!

Again, to be clear, this equipment does not diagnose any disease. But, when used by a trained medical practioner, it can be very helpful in finding which organs and/or glands are out of balance, and then determining what substances can be used to restore them to balance.

Recently, a hospital study in China was conducted that showed a correlation of 87 percent between the results of Zyto’s technology and organ/lab diagnosis by a licensed physician.

This exciting new technology is available for use today to better help people attain vibrant and radiant health more easily and efficiently than ever before.

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